Everywhere is within walking distance, if you have the time. -IV-

“Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.”
-Steve Wright

In simplicity there’s an abundance…

It’s a Tuesday night in Austin Texas, 9:14 p.m. to be exact, and I’m three days between getting out of Hawaii and being in the back country of Utah for a month of running before heading to the Grand Canyon to see how I fare on the infamous Rim to Rim to Rim, R2R2R Grand run.

In simplicity there’s an easier flow. Finally, the last of my things have been sold, aside from a few pairs of pants, some shirts, and a couple of books – all stored with friends’ and family – everything I own fits into a 2400 ci backpack. And there’s nothing that I want to add, or am willing to carry.

Orthodox lifestyles fall off while I head higher into the mountains, further into the back, and I’m forgetting my apologies for such.

But at the moment, I’m in Austin Texas, and the beer’s smooth, the music’s mellow, the friends are good, and the weather is crisp. And I’m waiting on another plane, one of the things that seems to be universal in a life of movement.




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