The Hours Between The Seconds -II-

Waiting, a large part of life is filled with the times in between, the proverbial cracks in the pavement, the hours between seconds.

Times spent huddled in all the clothing you can find to stay warm enough to make it through an unusually cold night, huddled in a tent of paper thin nylon while lightning strikes all around, waiting outside of a closed grocery store in dawns pastel light because you just hiked a little over ten miles and what felt like ten thousand feet after what most would consider starvation for the three days prior, and all you want is food.

Waiting for the tea to boil.

Flights out to Puerto Rico went south, and again, I’m waiting. Waiting for the paint to dry and the sun to rise but it’s okay because it always does, it’s an exercise in faith that never fails.
 37107_487388204632441_1871527997_n (1)

One response to “The Hours Between The Seconds -II-

  1. Waiting for the paint to dry and the sun to rise…yes yes! I’m so excited to read more of your posts, I love your writing style 🙂 And it’s much easier for me to get it all in on here as opposed to facebook notes. Awesome David!! 🙂

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